Like looking inside a personally-designed kaleidoscope!

Custom KaleidaStars Creations


Welcome to my galaxy where stars intersect, repeat and collide!

Each KaleidaStar tells a story by using repeated pieces of photographs that are cut and reshaped to form hexagons, inner stars, and ultimately a giant star. At first glance the star will appear one way. As you look closer at each section, the initial perception changes. When each image is repeated and reconfigured, it creates new kaleidoscope style designs!

Things aren’t always what they seem!

Hand-crafted, each collage uses techniques learned from years of creating mandalas, altars, quilts, designs, drawings, scrapbooking and photography. They are symbolic of my journey from loss to healing by being able to put broken pieces back together again to form something new, colorful, adventuresome and meaningful.

Memorial pieces are at the heart of my artwork. It is my belief that one is never really gone as long as we remember them. I would be honored to learn about your loved one, and will do my best to represent them through your perspective. Those who have passed on still remain in our galaxy as super stars.

Love working with street art/graffiti pictures and bright colors! Send me your street art pictures or point me and my camera in your direction. Available to cut up and reconfigure just about any images that are important to you.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your interest in viewing KaleidaStars.

Margo Gallagher

Each individually created KaleidaStar will use images and colors that are meaningful to you...


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