Margo Gallagher

Creative expression is essential to my well-being and balance in life. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a project in the works. I enjoy learning new techniques and connecting with others through art, music, writing, humor, nature, and adventure. As a recently retired art gallery owner, I have had the wonderful opportunity to witness the endless creativity and self-expression of so many.

I’m an active Hospice volunteer and committed to supporting those who have experienced loss, by listening, sharing my story, and by meaningful ways of keeping sacred memories alive. Community involvement and collectively working towards making positive changes locally and globally is of utmost importance to me.

But above all, being a mom has been my greatest passion. Even as young adults, all of my kids continue to inspire and motivate me!

Art, as in life, is fluid and ever changing. Like the kaleidoscope, there is no end to the limitless possibilities!



Margot Gallagher
Margo Gallagher